One of the best upgrades to your BASR…

So we’ll start off an dive straight in with where this product is applied. On a bolt action you have your cylinder. These are generally kept as lube free as can be as a very light near invisible layer of grease or silicon oil can attract dust particles which will adhere to it and then cause increased wear or in most cases what I describe as a “crunchy” bolt pull.
The idea of using a PTFE based dry lube is to reduce or ideally totally remove the possibility of dust and dirt adhering to your cylinder as well as providing a lubricated surface. You kind of get a 2 for 1 as you’re removing the obstruction as well as making what’s left easier.

PTFE dry lube can be bought in a spray can or as per the image above and what I personally use, you can buy it in a wet liquid applicable format, I prefer the Muc-Off brand as firstly it doesn’t get watered down by propellant and it is environmentally friendly (because you have to try to do your bit at least).

I first picked up on this concept when reading up about the SRS Silverback and what it’s users used due to the cylinder design being different to the VSR and promptly ordered some for the SRS I was inevitably going to get my hands on but in the interim applied this to my trusty VSR. An astounding difference, smoother and what felt generally easier.

At the time of writing a bottle of the above imaged is £5.69 from Amazon for a 120ml bottle which in terms of what you will use is likely a lifetime supply.
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