In this very quick review of the “new” anti fogging solution to hit the market, I’ll do a quick run down of how well it performed in real use, ease of application and overall thoughts. I came across this product from being subscribed to the popular YouTuber channel “FoxGreen” where he did a very positive review and for the price decided to give it a try.

Fog Stop comes in at £7.95 delivered to a UK address for a 5ml tub. Yes 5ml it is that small and the above picture has BB’s in for sizing reference! The product has a very feint coconut smell about it and is marketed as being made with all natural ingredients so a bonus for the planet.
The top unscrews easily and you have what looks simply like vaseline in the pot.

To use Fog Stop take a small amount on your finger, then rub the product between finger and thumb.  Massage on to the lenses of glasses/goggles. Then simply polish off with a microfibre cloth, tissue or similar.

The application was as simple as it sounds and you do get a very small amount on your finger tip and rub on the inside of your glasses until it hazes and then buff off, very much like waxing a car.

How did it perform though??

So whilst I have no scientific data of moisture levels, I can give you the scenario and some reference points. It was a typical Febuary day, cool but dry and game play was mixed woodland with start-stop movement.
Usually with my Revision Sawfly’s I will get a waterfall down the middle half way through the morning and then similar in the afternoon, initially in the morning I did get a small amount of fogging but not as bad as it normally is compared to the Revision wipes and after a further couple of applications (fog wiped off and re-applied and then a helping at the lunch break) my glasses stayed fog free for the rest of the day.
My experience was different to that of a team mate though who has similar “perspiration” problems to me and simply he fogged up in his Bolle Trackers and ended up swapping to mesh even after multiple applications.

Overall Thoughts

Fog Stop certainly seems like the next step in anti fogging solutions, wipes, gels, etc and it did seem to do a better job than my previous “go to” of Revision Wipes, it isn’t perfect but I did manage to wear my glasses all day which is something I usually struggle with so I do have to give this a thumbs up. For the price, expected amount of applications it will offer and the fact it does perform pretty well, I’d say it’s worth a punt if you suffer from fogged glasses in Airsoft.

Where can I get it?

Fog Stop is available from there online shop
Pricing is £7.95 delivered to a UK address with small discounts available for bulk buys.