Camo pens 5 pen Flecktarn pack

Today I’m going to be giving my first impressions on the camo pen kit. This is a relatively new take on a very old method. Having 5 rattle cans of paint and needing a spray booth is not needed with these and I managed to comfortably transform a spare set of Nuprol mesh glasses I had from a tired and faded green to an almost camo look whilst entertaining the kids with art and craft on the kitchen table. Yes you can do airsoft stuff AND parent at the same time.
Camo pens website for research and inspirational purposes is here
I bought them from one of my favourite retailers Skirmshop here

I opted for the Flecktarn pack, my current camo which is a digital woodland kind of look came from searching the internet for well priced Flecktarn kit that fitted me. Below I’ve turned the pens over so you can see the paint colour internally.


Following the instructions I rubbed off the glasses with a 350 grit grade wet and dry paper, thoroughly and all over including the mesh itself to ensure a good base for painting, as we are not using rattle cans and going for a mirror finish though this was only needed for paint adhesion.

Getting the pens out and started the instructions were absolutely on point, squeeze out the liquid stuff and then the paint will start to flow through. The only pen this didn’t happen with was Olive (basecoat colour). The paint didn’t seem to flow through until the pen was squeezed where it spewed out the side for a brief moment, never mind, used the sponge to tidy it up off the cardboard I’d put down in case such things happened.

Applying the paint was extremely easy and mess free, simply dab the sponge where you want the paint, the sponge being a good 10mm+ in height meant that there weren’t really any areas that were hard to apply to and drying times between layers were 7-10mins depending how thick you applied the paint.

Overall I am very impressed with how easy the pens were to use and how easily I created an almost camo pattern. When it comes to creative or decorative I am unfortunately the last person who should be attempting such things and the camo-pens website does give some far better results than what I am offering here. For around £15 though this is certainly something I would consider picking up although personally I won’t be trying to camo my RIF’s but I am sure that some amazing outcomes are possible for the creatively inspired amongst us.