Airsoft Ballistics Calculator

As an avid and obsessive airsofter I do probably what 99% of the rest of the community do, I tinker with my guns almost every day. Whether this is hop adjustments, cleaning, lubing or power train upgrades and refinements, they’re never left alone. I’ve found the above mentioned app on the Google Play Store to be incredibly helpful when doing my tinkering. It has an incredible velocity calculator so you can easily chrono your weapons on your shooting weight and it will convert the output into other BB weights so you get your comparison. No more getting caught out at chrono by joule creep!

You can download the app for free from the Google Play Store by searching for “Airsoft Ballistics Calculator” or by following this link

Airsoft Ballistics Calculator is a powerful tool to help you adjust and modify your gear to get the maximum performance.
– Decide what airsoft gun to buy or plan airsoft upgrades with the support of the only Airsoft Trajectory Graph on the market.
– Know your minimum engagement distance and effective range of your gear using the Speed Drop Calculator.
– Learn how your airsoft gun would perform with BBs of different weights using the Velocity Calculator.
– Choose between metric and imperial measuring systems in all calculations.

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