I’ve only recently been made aware of this site. A friend played it towards the back end of last year and I put it onto my list of places to go. The promise was a snipers paradise. It couldn’t posisbly be that good though could it? An hour and 10 minutes North from home, this isn’t a close site for saying I’m only about 15mins from the Sheffield border but this is kind of North West of Sheffield city so a fair old trek out.

Where: YTA Borderlands, Sheffield https://yorkshiretacticalactivities.co.uk/
Date played: 20/03/2022
Weather: Dry, cool and with bursts of sunshine coming through
Type: Woodland site, very rocky in places and mostly pine trees with some larger open areas.
Cost: £30

Arrival & Safe Zone

The site is well sign posted off the main road, the road is a 60 though so once you get near, I’d advise slowing down so your don’t shoot straight past it. Once you turn in it’s a medium length dirt track up to the parking, this isn’t over ample but had enough for all on the day.

The safe zone is very large and fully covered with bench space for everybody, our little group of 4 spread out and took up to 2 benches to ourselves.

You sign in as you enter and then find a bench. Once established there is another kiosk that has is pretty well stocked with both food, drink and airsofty bits like gas, BB’s and some spare mags and smaller parts.

Toilets are usable. Not the worst but I still wouldn’t rely on them if you had a dodgy stomach.

Sign In

I had paid in full up front over the website when booking so it was simply stating my name and getting ticked off. No issues here.

Safety Brief & Chrono

Safety brief was fairly standard, there is attention paid to drawing you to some of the rocks and steep banks. One player did fall foul of this on the day however the brief does make you aware that you’d be best in boots out there.

Chrono was open from the moment we walked in right up until safety brief, Really wasn’t blown away by this though, I was asked to chrono with a 0.2, the advertised limit on website for a BASR is 500 however they were enforcing 460 on these 2’s, so yeah accounting for joule creep but no, this isn’t the way to do it. HPA was even worse though, I havd my DMR with me so was expecting a 450 but apparently HPA had a hard limit of 330 with these 0.2’s. DMR went back into the bag and I pulled out the M4, stuck that through, 300 with a 0.2 – yeah no problems it’ll be for up close and personal work. A friend though did get chrono’d on his shooting weight and was able to use HPA at higher than 330, marshalling education needed or just inconsistency?

Site & Playing Areas

The game area was for what I’d have said is a medium size, it almost wraps around the safe zone with 2 areas forwards and left as you head out, one to the right and 2 back right on yourself. It felt big enough and they used it very well with most of the site being in play, I had my reservations as this is/was a paintball site and I tend to find paintball sites don’t play too well as they are so segmented.


The first game was an attack and defend and then this was flipped (best time wins), attacking into the castle was good and using the height of the terrain added a fun new edge to gameplay. Initial impression was yes this is indeed a snipers paradise though. Lots of long shot capability and surprisingly, the pace wasn’t flooded with snipers.
Later games included a take the objectives rollback which worked reasonably well and then another roll back mid afternoon, this seemed quite difficult for the attackers, later in the day fatigue starts setting in and they did struggle, us defending were posted up well and held them off for a good while, we did so well, they didn’t flip it.
Final game was a real meat grinder which got flipped, I managed to rinse through 2000 36’s going through the M4 in 3rnd burst. It may mayhem and on a fairly small area, I was more than capable of ranging their objective from our spawn so this meant you had to be creative and move around well and cover.


You had to have pre-ordered lunch by 11, fairly decent menu on offer and you get a raffle ticket once you’ve ordered. They call your number at lunch and you grab your food. It was reasonably priced and cooked well. Certianly one of the better lunches I’ve had. Coffee and cold drinks are available all day although the queue between games did get quite long at times.

Marshalling & General Attitude of Players

Marshalling was OK. The games flowed well and their certianly wasn’t any god complexes going on however the bit about chronoing had bitten me so this if anything means they don’t get full marks from me on this one.

Player attitude was average. In the morning it was OK but after lunch and we as a defensive team were really standing our ground, the attackers began, not cheating but severely bending rules, cutting through the chrono area to try and flank (granted they weren’t told they can’t) and at one point in a 2 lives game, I could swear one guy was hit 4 times in the same spot. Either way though the guys who were happy and decent were great to talk to, a father and son combo was on the next bnch to us and we had good chats throughout the day.


It was definitely worth the trip up, the sniper play was fantastic and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I don’t think I’ll be breaking my neck to get back, not through any fault of the site, just that I can easily obtain an equal amount of enjoyment from other sites that maybe aren’t’quite as far away.

Huge thanks to Zoidwolf the onsite photographer who got the amazing pictures of me.