This was my first experience of a Milsim so was unsure of what to expect, unfortunately the usual
gang was not available to attend the event so I joined a couple of the lads from Phoenix Airsoft
whom I know reasonably well. The weekends play was based on the Black Hawk Down scenario,
Task Force Ranger v Mogadishu Militia, Stirling Team being Delta Force. I had joined Task Force
Ranger team with the other Phoenix lads.
The event was held at Catterick FIBUA training site, North Yorkshire so a big old drive from the East

Stirling Airsoft – Operation Gothic Serpent – Catterick FIBUA
Date played: 8-9 th June 2019
Weather: Clear, Cloudy & Rain, full mix
Type: Urban village streets, CQB, tunnels and some woodland
Cost: £95 – £45 deposit

Arrival & Safe Zone

On arrival meet a marshal at the main gate barrier, was asked to leave my van outside the gate a
head in to pay at a small hut near the barrier, no queue of people, although had to wait for 10+
minutes for the organiser to complete his phone call, having already waved me out the hut. The
remainder off the money paid, I asked where I needed to go to park the van up as it was my
accommodation for the weekend, unfortunately for me, he was fully disinterested in anything I had
to say, and his only focus was counting the cash I’d just handed over.
Jumping back in the van to head in, one of the marshal’s wondering around was kind enough to
show me where to park, just outside the camping barn/ briefing area for soldiers. There was a good
amount of the enemy whom were all in the camping barn who were incredibly welcoming, one of
the chaps even took me for tour of the site and advised places that were a bit sketchy with tunnels/
holes that you could take a major spill into when it got dark, a big thank you to that chap.
The barn itself was just on the edge of the playing area so it was advisable to keep safety glasses on
when heading back to the van to rest/ reload.
Safety/ Briefing area was located where the main housing blocks were, indoor toilets, coffee & tea,
snacks and a pop up store from Land Warrior Airsoft, with plenty of kit for sale.

Safety Brief & Chrono

Safety brief was a long affair, lots of shouting from Ben one of the Stirling Airsoft owners I believe,
also Team Rangers commander, and it felt lots of threats of sanction.
Chrono was conducted round the back of the safe zone, site supplied .20 BB’s 350 for AEG, 500 for
BASR, no DMR’s permitted. Limits were strictly enforced and my sniper rifle sized as it was ready
502 fps (generally come out on most other sites at 488 to 495).

Site & Playing Areas

Amazing site, has everything; high rise buildings, small/ medium & large houses, roads, graveyard,
woodland & hedge rows and the site is kept immaculately clean of litter & rubbish, hedges and
lawns in perfect order.
Players were very honest and fair there certainly was no issue with people taking hits, the quality of
skill from some of the players there was impressive, having generally played skirmish sites I had to
step up my game to be effective, team work is a necessity. The only criticisms I can level was at the
so called Task Force Ranger command, the Stirling Airsoft Delta Team, who’d turn up after a building
had already been taken, video camera man in tow and retake the building now the opposition had
already been cleared, pat themselves on the back, spark up a cigarette and wait for us to clear the
next building, I have to confess I was expecting them to be exceptional players but was left
disappointed. In the end I turned my coms off as I got sick of the continued swearing and extremely
stupid orders coming through on command net.
Expressed my displeasure with some of the Mogadishu Militia, whom suggested that was the reason
they go on that team having previously played as Ranger on other events.
Play was long over the whole weekend, quite a lot of waiting for tasks, holding building you have no
idea for what, as the enemy are not even attempting to attack, and long waits in the two revolving
spawn areas. Saturday night I packed in at dusk as the keen lads started pulling out night vision, by
lunch on the Sunday I’d had enough so packed up and left.


Continual play thought the day till I believe was 11am to 11pm, restarting again Sunday morning.
Missions were advised through to the Chalk Leaders coms, generally take this building (buildings
given a number on supplied map) or hold this area. What I did find is that we’d take an area, weight
5-15 mins then get hit when all the enemy had respawned in safe zone again and then do the same
again which did get tedious.


With the game ongoing you could pop out at any time and go for food, any arrival in the safe area’s
would result in you being logged as killed in action on the score sheet. Food on offer looked okay,
however I had the van with me and cooking facilities so I didn’t have any of the on offer cuisine.

Marshalling & General Attitude of Players

To be fair I didn’t have much interaction with the marshals, most were player marshals, whom if required would break of play, drop on a yellow vest and deal with any incident then go back to play.  Player attitude was very good, certainly no issues with the standard off play and didn’t see any arguments at all.


To sum up, amazing site, great players, however not sure I’d go back to one of Stirling Airsoft’s games again, I found the two leaders of Stirling to be exceptionally rude, unhelpful and overall the price is on the very high side.  I’ve defiantly had much better games at other sites for significantly better prices. I’d like to try another Milsim event, but not a Stirling one.