An early morning trip down the M1 to the Leicester Forest East services was how the day began. A short wait in the car park or more accurately the rendezvous point and my sniper buddy for the day Al appeared looking equally as up for a day behind his SRS. Breakfast bought and half devoured and we were back in the cars in convoy and off to Skirmish Leicester. Another shout out to the TBL whom Al is predominantly a member of, I met Al years ago in one of my old jobs and he is “the guy who can”, an awesome tech, a great airsofter who plays hard but fair and provided excellent accomponiment for the day.

It’s worth noting also that Matt who runs Skirmish is also Matt from Ammo Drop and I can attest to him being a truly awesome chap.

Where: Skirmish Leicester (Lutterworth) LE17 4HP
Date played: 18/10/2020
Weather: Mild, Overcast, Still
Type: Woodland with additional manmade structures
Cost: £25

Arrival & Safe Zone

Skirmish is situated down a fairly sleepy country road, pulling in to the car park you’d be excused for not thinking you’re at a woodland site as ultimately you’re pulling into a field. There was ample parking and you then go on a 200 yard walk along the edge of the woods to the entrance to the safe zone.
Safe zone is a large gravel bottomed area with the main counter at one end and the benches filling the rest of the rectangle. Safe area is split into Alpha – Bravo – Charlie sections which wasn’t really a thing for us as we were all playing together in our socially distanced bubbles. Clean portaloos (Ladies and Gents), decent ammount of ammo and HPA fills were available as is the expected standard of a “Skirmish” branded site.
Again though I am being picky, there was plenty of bench space but it would have been nice to have some tabletop room as well, this is being extremely pedantic though.

Sign In

Sign in was extremely easy, as people had not had to queue you could sign in as and when you needed. Matt ticked me off and I signed and printed the disclaimer. Simple. The on site shop although I didn’t make much use of it, sold ammo, drinks, chocolate, cherry bakewells, pot noodles, pretty much everything you’d want on a skirmish day. Pricing was good as well.

Safety Brief & Chrono

Safety brief was kept minimal, on the day we were all own gunners so Matt gave us the courtesy of not trying to teach us to suck eggs but made sure the obligatory bits were covered as was some of the site specific parts.
Chrono was a different affair, no formal chrono carried out, random drop tests were done on the day but the owner is trusting of you to ensure your gun is firing at the right limits. This is a fantastic attitude and whilst there were no instances of it on the day, it could be abused by someone who wasn’t playing in the spirit of the game.

Site & Playing Areas

The site is based in a long thin woods, there are several areas throughout such as a village with man made barricades and even caravans on site, a tyre castle, a wooden built castle outside with 2 entrance tunnels, some real buildings further up that are no longer used but for me the cherry on the cake was the sniper tower, a huge tower at the top end of the site which gave some fantastic opportunities later in the day.


Games were varied throughout the day, I will hold my hands up as well and say I don’t think I’d ever played anything like them before either, just subtle twists on standard formats kept things alive and the action constant. Each game you pretty much had the full wooded area to play with so if you are a slow stalker or a fast paced run and gun you could play to your own style and be effective. An hour long fall back mission, An hour long team deathmatch with hold and control objectives every 10 minutes, a fall back where your front line is constantly moving back and even the warm up game was unique in when you are hit you swapped sides up to a maximum of 4 times. A lot of thought has gone into getting the most game time and the most engaging and exciting play styles.

Marshalling & Player Attitude

Marshalling was virtually not needed, it was predominantly Matt as lead marshall and then a player marshall on each team to help give some direction (regular players) and I do not remember seeing or hearing any situation at any point of anyone not calling hits or potentially cheating or bending of the rules. The game styles leant themselves to be so flexible that you didn’t want or need to cheat as there is just as much action in the next stage after being hit. Huge thumbs up to Matt for this.


What an incredible day! We yomped all over the woods but at no point did I feel we were doing more walking than shooting. The marshall and players were all open, friendly and happy to engage in conversation. The games all flowed extremely well and I thought the teams were perfectly balanced throughout the day. My SRS performed amazingly and both Al and myself had situations where we had a huge killstreak.
An awesome day out, one that I’ll be eagerly dragging the rest of the Recon101 guys back to.