I’ve been waiting what feels like an absolute age to write about this site. Way back on the 6th March I caught wind of this place, just as the country was going into lockdown, it could have been a disaster however what has happened is something truly amazing has emerged. This is a new home to UK-Airsoft store and along with it strapped to the back of it is a fantastic CQB comfortably situated on my doorstep (well 15 mins in a car). The hype was building online, they opened the store up as the country came out of lockdown and along with it a steel alive range and then slowly came about the amazing new indoor CQC area. Yes I did bide my time in heading over allowing it to establish for a month or so before testing it out, that was mostly due to lack of available playing time and also having some other truly awesome sites lined up but this was always in the bank for a rainy day and with any luck some midweek evening mayhem as well.

Where: Skirmish CQB Kirkby NG17 7AL https://www.skirmishcombatgames.co.uk/ although definitely worth noting it is co-sited with UK-Airsoft
Date played: 01/11/2020
Weather: NA
Type: Indoor CQB – Open room built up.
Cost: £30

Arrival & Safe Zone

Skirmish CQB is located in what looks like an industrial unit near the centre of Kirkby in Ashfield, Nottingham. It’s a bit awkward to find initially due to the local one way but once you find your way in you’re fine. It has it’s own car park although you are opposite a shopping precinct so no open carrying into the place. Going through the doors you walk into the middle of the showroom for UK-Airsoft. What more could you want? You go through and to the left into a medium sized room laden with tables so you can kit up. There wasn’t quite enough room for me but I only had to mention it and another table appeared in a side room.

Sign In

Sign in was a breeze, announcing myself at the desk, being ticked off and ensuring the obligatory waiver was filled in and signed off. This also gives some time to have a quick look around the store. I had brought everything with me that I thought I’d need but it doesn’t hurt to have a quick look? As expected, well priced consumables as well as a decent coffee machine and refrigerated drinks with a selection of chocolate bars. I won’t go too in depth on the shop itself however there is a lot on offer and a very open, friendly approach.

Safety Brief & Chrono

The safety brief was carried out in the game area. Players are asked ot leave weapons in the safe zone so no eye pro is needed and this also gives you a first initial look at this beautiful wooden arena. Safety brief went at a good pace, conecntration was kept by all and the marshalls didn’t digress. The site is a 350fps semi only limit with hard pyro only (although mini snaps in 3d printed enclosures are ok). A laughable chat with the marshall, you are allowed to use a 500fps sniper but you’d barely be out of MED so totally not worth the effort. Chrono was done on the second trip into the game area just before first game. Skirmish are brilliant for chrono, they chrono on the BB you are using not a 0.2 so you get a nice accurate reading and I was happy to see that my pistol went through at 290 with a 0.25 which puts me at a hair under 1J which I personally orefer to run for CQB (power isn’t everything).

Site & Playing Areas

The playing area is totally made from ply walls which are reinforced. There is a nice open part in the middle with multiple little rat runs coming off from it so you don’t end up feeling enclosed or claustrophobic but do maintain that tight CQC feel. The longest sight line is probably 20M and near the middle there is the opportunity to shoot completely one side to the other (which I managed a couple of times).


Games were a huge mixed bag. The marshalling team really have thought about things so there was no stagnation, a warmup TDM from either end then progressing onto domination, a deliver the bomb game, search and destroy, lights on, lights off, 3 shot round as well as some excellent coaching from an ex military marshall and even a timed attack run in pairs.

Marshalling & Player Attitude

I can’t praise the marshalls enough. They were everywhere somehow. For saying there was only 2 of them for the 12 of us, I never felt more than 5M away from a marshall, they were proactive in helping the losing team push out and also put a few twists in to try and keep things flowing. A highly competitive but friendly player attitude was present, we were playing against a full 6 man squad on the opposite team whom all had comms, matching BDU, helmets and the works but there was a very light hearted approach from the guys, constant congratulatory high fives and high spirits were exchanged constnatly. There was 1 point during the day where an opponent got a little heated and ended up letting off a few rounds into someones face but the marshall was straight on it, repremanding initially but then post game bringing everyone together to explain and air it out. All parties put their version of events forward, hands were shaken and the day continued. It’s actually nice to see conflict resolution, although the conflict itself wasn’t great, it happened but was handled tremendously.


Blown away is the phrase that springs to mind. An amazing day all in all. No criticisms and even though we are now about to go into the second lockdown of the year, I’m already counting down the days until I can go back. Would I change anything? Yes, I’d have booked the Saturday AND the Sunday. Congratulations on the amazing site to Skirmish, takign everythign they do well from the woodland and making it an indoor success. I am certainly going to be making this place a second home and will definitely be bringing the other recon guys with me (although they do like to hug the trees) it’s well worth a trip indoors even if it isn’t your bag.