We were extremely lucky to get in on this one, Hells Airsoft in Stenson in Derbyshire opened up on the 17th May 2021. We hit it on Day 2 and the hardcore amongst us did a 9am to 10pm celebration throughout. It was an incredible day, really set the tone of the place for us and I can honestly say it will be a site that I continue to go back to again and again.

Where: Hells Airsoft, Stenson, Derbyshire http://www.hellsairsoft.co.uk/
Date played: 18/05/2021
Weather: Irrelevant
Type: Indoor CQB, Dirt/Rubber flooring, lots of man made barricades, alleyways, rooms and bunkers.
Cost: £15 evening (or half day), £30 full day.

Arrival & Safe Zone

You can easily miss the entrance here, a very long driveway and an ample car park a little way away means you have a short carry to the safe zone. The car park and main building are well sign posted though and there is a BIG sign on the outside of the barn so you know you’re at Hells along with a BIG entrance sign over the doorway.
Greeting you as you go in is the check in desk usually adorned by at least 1 of the staff, a very friendly greeting on the day, multiple marshalls and a very eager look on their face to show off their new site to us.
Safe zone has the usual stuff you’d expect, some high sugar snacks and drinks and then the usual offerings of pyro, BB’s, Gas as well as some bits of protection gear should you feel you don’t already have enough on you.

Safe zone is a long room with what is effectively 4 benches (2 at the sides and 2 back to back down the middle), it felt spacious enough for us but there was only 12 turned up for the morning. A full room of 30 and it would likely have been a touch more cramped.

Sign In

Signing in was a straight forward affair. We’d booked all 3 sessions in advance (AM, PM, Evening) so it was a case of tapping my card to pay. No issues here whatsoever.

Safety Brief & Chrono

Chrono is in a small side room that opens out into the main gaming area but is closed off during games, good design here. Limits are 350fps with a 0.2 or whatever the equivalent is for a 0.25 (edit 313??). They do operate a shooting weight limit here as it is a close up game area and there is no need for anything heavier and there is no full auto unless on a specified Full Auto Friday.

Safety brief was a TTS presentation on a large TV screen in the corner of the safe zone. Nice for it not to be interrupted by the typical gobby regular butting in but after going through there were a few more rules we were made aware of as well.

Site & Playing Areas

The site is a large rectangle which has been divided out into sections that all flow from one to another, favourite by far was the Bank closely followed by the Whitehouse (2 big buildings in the middle) but the smaller darker alleyways at the sides kept for entertaining gameplay so you couldn’t just run full blast everywhere. Mini Mart is DIFFICULT to breach into but more on that later.


Zombies, TDM (with counters), Conquest, Hardpoint, Capture the Bank, 3 stage room clearance, Village takeover, Pyramid and there are probably a few more I’ve not thought of but the floor was wide open to suggestions as well. All games played through really well and all teams were very well balanced throughout. You get a good amount of time in the game area and a particular favourite of the day was Bank Control.


Here is where Hells shone! All marshalls quickly identified that we were a bunch of experienced players and really threw the floor open to suggestions on games to play, teams, balancing and also game area enhancements and improvements.
**Point for later from the mini mart, it was a single entry corner room, nightmare to get into with multiple lines facing the front door from inside, attackers would struggle unless armed with multiple grenades. We fed this back to the marshalls and the next day an additional door and line blocking was put in to help attackers entering into this.
A really friendly bunch on site, very happy to interact with their customers and incredible focus on ensuring you get the very best day you can.


It was a grueller, 13 hours of indoor airsoft with a bunch of awesome players and fantastic marshalls who really listen to you. I have absolutely no negative points from the entire day, the players who we met on site were extremely fair and played amazingly well so we had a great challenge all day long and we have kept in touch with what is now planned as regular returns to Hells. I can confidently say that Hells has made it to my favourite indoor CQB site.