A solo outing, somewhere that holds a special place in my heart. I’d watched a lot of footage from the YT channel Renegades Airsoft and had this rose tinted view of gameplay at Halo Mill. I built up a hi capa and started playing CQB as a side to the Recon101 outdoor games. This was the coming of age, the pilgrimage, this is Halo Mill!

Where: Halo Mill, Linthwaite, Huddersfield, HD7 5QG https://www.halomill.com/
Date played: 13/11/2021
Weather: Dry but irrelevant as this was indoor
Type: Old mill penthouse, brick built with lots of ply board making up internal rooms
Cost: £25 (up to 8 hours)

Arrival & Safe Zone

You’d be forgiven for driving past the entrance, I only knew what to look for as I’d checked it out on Google maps first. You pull into the footings of an old mill, there are other businesses so parking is a bit scarce. I arrived early (very early by mistake) so bagged a decent spot.

The safe zone is up a couple of flights of stairs, the address “the penthouse” gives this away and you’re about 3rd story up. Once up you go through the external doors and are met with the sign in desk, beyond that there is plenty of just under chest height bench space with shelves underneath as well to enhance storage. All is carpeted as well, floor and benches so your stuff didn’t roll off too readily.

The sign on desk also holds stock of the usual needed items, BB’s, gas a few other protection bits and accessories as well as some basic food and drink as well.

Toilets are down a flight of stairs, through a keycoded door and were clean and usable.

Sign In

I’d booked ahead through Facebook messenger so it was a case of handing over the money (or contactless in my case). £25 for non member up to 8 hours which is a fair price. No lunch is included but there is a Subway on the ground floor so you get a choice of their menu which was a nie change for an airsoft day.

Safety Brief & Chrono

Safety brief was nothing out of the ordinary that you haven’t heard at any other site. It went through quickly and there wasn’t someone making remakrs so it was over quickly. As a first timer at the site (alongside a couple others) there was very little guidance on where or which area was referred to about games but that wasn’t an issue for me so much as I buddied up to a regular who showed me the ropes.

Chrono after the brief, it’sa CQB so semi only, no DMR and no BASR. 350 with a 0.2 was the limit and I put through 0.25’s which were aimed at 313 or below so chronoing on shooting weight which was brilliant to see.

Site & Playing Areas

The game area was bigger than I expected but I did expect something small. It’s by no means a vast expanse of a maze, there are essentially 3 lanes between the 2 spawn areas with rooms carved up between them. Something I did take note of here, even though it was so tight in places and so packed in, there were some really long sight lines. Very much like a good COD map, you are rarely safe in one place with only 1 line of sight at you.

A nice touch was that at each spawn there was a fan mounted on the wall pointing down, this means that if like me you are wearing a paintball mask, you can get a cold air flow through to stop fogging, a huge thumbs up on this. As well as the de-foggers there were respawn buttons in each spawn point so there was an electronic count, again I’ve not payed somewhere with this and I was impressed.

We were split into 2 teams after the chrono. Buddies bunched together and then an even split was made.


Games were a huge mix, most were flipped so you got to play from both ends. We started with a TDM, moved to a domination, kill confirmed, kill confirmed with gold cards, capture the discs, deliver the bomb, greedy goblin where you get to shoot a marshall in padding who holds up cash and the aim is to retreive that cash and being rounded off at the end of the day by a blackout game. None were boring but there were some games where flipping them seemed to be a continuation of the first half.


Can’t really comment too much here, lunch was about 45 minutes although the morning games had run on a bit so they were eager to get the afternoon under way which meant I only grabbed a few bites of my sub. Not an issue though as I was taking on a lot of fluid.

Marshalling & General Attitude of Players

Difficult to say on marshalling, for the most part there was 1 marshall for the 18-20 of us in game, the games were really good fun and I can’t say there were any points where a marshall was absolutely needed but it did feel a little vacant.

Player attitude was good. There was no cheat calling and players were of a good level giving a battle throughout the day. There were points where I feel the adrenaline may have gotten the better of people in the morning but that seemed to appease in the afternoon after switching from single tapping on gas to double/triple tapping on HPA in the afternoon.

Got to say it though, huge thanks to the guy I wasn’t even ameanable enough to ask his name. Took me under his wing, showed me some good areas, how the games normally play and kept an eye to make sure I was pointing in the right direction.


I was super happy to be playing at Halo Mill, first time flying solo as well meant it would be a different experience. The site is very good and was evolving constantly through the use of trap doors and windows. I would definitely go back and play again only I would definitely be taking some people with me to up the fun factor.

It didn’t feel like how the Renegades YT videos were, guys if you are out there….please get in touch and let me join you!