Where: Division 22 Airsoft NG22 8SY https://division22.co.uk/
Date played: 17/10/2021
Weather: Cool, Misty Rain at times.
Type: Woodland (typical Sherwood pines forest)
Cost: £30 including snack pack.

Arrival & Safe Zone

A well sign posted turn off a busy A road gets you onto a private road, you follow this for some way and then another well sign posted turn off and you’re into the woods. A short drive through, past a football pitch you end up heading into the car park, a long thin area in a break in the trees. A very tranquil place to be fair. I was quite early but there were a couple of vehicles in already. A quick chat with the other attendees who it turns out were linked with other players who I was joining up with was nice and then it was grabbing my kit and heading into safe zone.

A short walk up a path at the end of the car park takes you into safe zone, safe zone is a kind of 2 column wooden building area with a gap in the middle. A bay consisted of a picnic bench and then a surrounding wooden wall also with benchs on all 3 sides. A nice change, table space and seating room. Each bay also had at least 1 lockable box in it and ample room for the player counts currently in use. There is netting at both ends with only 1 being used for entry/exit from the play area. Reception desk was in the middle and this is where you also can buy your normal supplies.

Sign In

Sign in was simple, get your name ticked off and pay your remaining money. Only hindered by there being a card machine which wasn’t working. Thankfully I had cash on me anyway. When checking in you are directed to go and grab your snack pack as well as the offer of lunch for an extra £5. I opted in for lunch but more about that later.

Safety Brief & Chrono

Safety brief as always from Matt (Skirmish Leics / Ammodrop) is tastefully dry but gets the point across. I admire his briefs as although I’ve heard it now maybe 3 or 4 times, I always do want to hear it again if nothing more than for the drop leg holster jokes.

There is no set chrono as you go out here, no tagging. Just random checks throughout the day which at first feels so odd but isn’t the end of the world. Trusting the players around you is implied from the start.

For my own sanity though as I was playing with a newish build DMR on a weight I’ve not used before I asked to be chrono’d to make sure I was safe, I remarked I was DMR and using .36’s and the marshall converted on the fly and put me through as fine.

Site limits are 350fps for a pistol/shotgun/AEG, 450 for DMR and 500 for bolt action. All figures quoted were on 0.2’s but you were asked what weight you were shooting and the figure converted from there. 20M MED for Sniper and DMR’s.

Site & Playing Areas

The site is a typical Sherwood woodland site, tall trees and a pine needle floor with mixed low level bushes (which I forget the correct name of). The site is an ex-paintball field so there are some pre-made areas, a tank field, Wild West Village, Sniper tower, Village with a church in a big dip and then an undulated and well grown out bunker field with 2 helicopters in (more on that later).

The site is certainly a good size, not the largest play area you’ll ever come across but as always with Matt’s gameplays and scenarios, you’re always making extremely good use of the site rather than yomping around for hours on end.


We started with a warm-up game of Vampires on the tank field. As myself and a couple of others in the group had already played this at Leicester we requested to start out on the Vamps team, also a sure fire way to ensure you get good action from the off. This gave me some space to take a considered approach and acquaint myself with the DMR shooting 0.36’s.

Game 2 was the first “proper” game. I enjoy Matt’s longer games, they have enough objective to keep you interested and working as a team but also utilise enough freedom to get you all around the site and seeing as much of it as you can. This was played over the sniper tower area primarily but us spawning from the wild west and the opposition spawning from a fair way back the opposite side of the tower. Each team had 10 VIP cards, objective was simply to hold the most cards at the end. When you were shot, you shouted for medic but if you were a card holder then you held it out for the enemy team to capture. Simple rules which kept the average airsofter not asking for guidance after 5 minutes.

Game 3 and 4 were an attack and defend and then reverse of using the church in the dip. A fantastic village scenario, I’d have been very at home with a hi capa but with my DMR I wasn’t really set to engage as a defender as the enemy would have been within MED extremely quickly. I did manage to pick a few unsuspecting defenders off though but that meant a long circle rather than going head first in. Not partiularly a fan of “turn it around” games but thats my personal preference and it did at least show case a fantastic feature of this site. The church used as the objective is great and I’d love to get my woodland CQB on around it.


For lunch you either bring your own or you can order ahead through the site. I’d decided to order ahead in the morning and received a Dominos personal pizza for a £5’er so I was quite happy with that. I bolstered it up with a Mars and can of Monster and was refeshed ready for the afternoon. You get a decent amount of time for lunch – around 45 mins and I have to say fair play in whipping everyone back up for the afternoon as often that takes long enough but it was done quickly and it didn’t feel like we’d stopped for ages.

Games contd…

Game 4 & 5 was supposed to be a turn around game again but on the bunker field doing barrel delivery into 1 of the 2 helicopters on the field. One end is noticabley more covered than the other so the intention was a to play and then turn around to give a fair crack at each location. This seemed to be accepted however some drama ensued midway through the first half and a handful of our team walked off field (more in the player attitude section) leaving the enemy to deliver their barrels. I myself was in the middle of a fantastic shootout with Liam (?) the ICS guy and we were both flinging some long range shots straight over each others heads. It’s worth mentioning at this point I’d switched to my trusty SRS sniper to try and slow my play down a bit.

Games 6 was a 3 point domination. 3 game zones and all we had to do was get our flag up on those 3 and have 2/3 in control by the end of the game. Our little battle group secured the first and closest with a mindset of skipping the second to head to the third. First was in the Wild West Village. We left the rest of the team to secure Sniper Tower and we circled round the long way for the Bridges (which unfortunately weren’t in play) where we came up against a fair amount of resistance. I’m very glad to report back that I did my usual drop off from the main group, went slightly further out and then pushed up onto the same level line forwards and spent a fantastic amount of time picking people off from the angles as well as generating some good kills in my own direction where I had a great visibility of a hut the enemy were using as well as an aggressive position to push at the bridges.
By the end of the game I was under the bridges picking enemies off trying to push their way up to me. They almost didn’t expect an enemy sniper under the bridges. Towards the end it had turned into a full map control by us so the enemy were probably flagging at this point and End X came. I think I had more kills and fun in the last game then I had all morning! Huge thanks to my sniper for being such a fantastic beast, especially now sporting my longer outer barrel and rail setup, it performs consistently and is just one of the RIF’s that is always on point.

Marshalling & General Attitude of Players

Marshalling as always from Matt was second to none. His attitude and game styles are just what a site needs. Clear and easy to follow rules and objectives with a friendliness that won’t take any crap from those who think they’re above it. I’ve never had a bad day with Matt and that continues. Other than that there were only 2 marshalls for the group for the entire day but again, I didn’t see or feel more were needed but it certainly didn’t feel like a free for all.

Player attitude is probably my only criticism of the day and even then I only really witnessed one episode of outright cheating which I quickly remedied. The morning long game felt looooong and by that it was like no progress was being made at any point. There were some players who you just felt convinced should have been taking a hit but it’s a woods, fair is fair, the shots probably weren’t making it. The bunker field game was my sour point moment, initially I got behind a bunker, set up and had a fantastic view of the enemy advancing into 2 trees and then pushing further, I let one rip down the line and it clearly hit the guy, not a rental, it was all paid for camo and kit. The guy clearly raised his hand up to take it and then in one movement put said hand back onto his handguard and continued firing at one of our guys. I put a second down the same line and hit the target again which this time felt it was completely shrugged off, I’m not a “he didn’t call it” kind of playyer but I’m using a scope, I can see the flight of the BB and when I see the crease in your sleeve, I know it hit and you definitely felt it! Extremely annoyed at this, I moved position to the opposite side of the field where I started my shootout against Liam (?) the ICS guy and that was poles apart, we had a wail of a time with shots narrowly missing both sides and then as end X was called, a stroll towards each other, fist bump and a bloody good congratulations to each other on the epic shootout we just had – so all in all good play most of the day, there was a group who were a bit questionable but that’s airsoft. I only get one day out per month at the moment so I make the most of it regardless.


I really enjoyed my day at Division22. Good marshalls, a tough opposition and a bunch of my close airsoft buddies enssured that I wasn’t left wanting. Well I say that, I can’t wait to get back out with the SRS sniper again now. Concluding though, the woods are brilliant, I love Sherwood woods, they’re great to play in and I can absolutely say I will be making a trip back to play again. I can’t pick anything out that would out and out make the site better and there is nothing that I would say is a real bone of contention that makes me not want to go back. A good vibe in a good venue is hard to come across sometimes but Division22 has it nailed and I look forward to seeing it progress and settle into it’s new ways.


A big shoutout to Emma at Bomb Up Photography for being on site and getting the images she did. There were hundreds from our day and her work is outstanding. Fingers crossed we cross paths again as it’s been a while since I got caught in some action shots.