The first trip out after the UK lockdown 3.0 and wow were we ready for it. A short jaunt North to the top side of Chesterfield to a site we’ve not been to before but came strongly reccommended we didn’t know what to expect. There is very little out there about this site and we only found it by going through some of Lone Wombat’s previous site review VLOG’s. so glad we did as well.

Where: Black Hills The Outback S43 2ES
Date played: 03/04/2021
Weather: Mild, Overcast AM opening out to cool sunshine in the PM
Type: Woodland with undulating sections, bombholes and an open field with shrubbery.
Cost: £30

Arrival & Safe Zone

You’d be forgiven for missing the entrance here, it’s the central fork of a 3 way drive. A short but bumpy path puts you into the main car park where we were promptly met by Gav the site owner who had already identified we were new to the site and had asked some pre-emptive questions about who we were, what our play style was like and how we intended to play the day. Excellent and really welcoming right from the off.

Gates opened at 8am which gave lots of time before brief and game on.

Safe zone is a large gravel car park, due to COVID we bombed up out of the back of our cars however there is a well covered area with benches if you don’t have your own car. Good visibility of other players with lots of space and easy access out to site to get your hop set up properly.

Sign In

Signing in was crazy easy, we’d already paid in full in advance so we were checked off the attendance list. The sign in desk/on site shop has a small selection of the essentials, BB’s, Pyro and Gas. There is also a portaloo to the side of the sign on cabin which was relatively usable.

Safety Brief & Chrono

Chrono is done just on the edge of the safety zone into the play area. A HUGE plus point is they chrono you on your shooting weight and down convert. It’s great to see site’s operating like this and it gives a real air of confidence that you know people aren’t abusing joule creep. AEG’s are 350, DMR is 400 with BASR’s at 500. All bar 1 of our teams weapons passed through, the offender was an SSG24 which we expected to be a touch warm and it was at around 510fps equivalent. not an issue as the player had brought another 3 rifles with them.

Safety brief was short, sharp and to the point, very aware they had experienced players with them and covered the basics, there were some first timers in the mix milling around and I felt the bried covered what they needed it to as well so thumbs up for not dragging that out.

Site & Playing Areas

The site is situated on what looks to be an old slag heap (likely hence the name Black Hills) and is a multi purpose Airsoft and 4×4 venue. It is a large area mixed with black slag hills which have beome overgrown in time with bushes and some wooded outskirts as well as an open field with some shrubbery in the middle and towards the far end a ridge line that runs from one side to the other (more on that in the next paragraph). It’s a very mature site with and a good change from your normal flat forest with wooden barricades, you can use the ground to your advantage and the natural greenery played perfectly with my ghillie although I didn’t use it for long.


First game of the day was an attack and defend of the previously mentioned ridgeline with a fallback to defend a flag after 20 kills from definding the ridge. As a warmup game it flowed really well and gave a pleasant start to having had so long away from airsoft. From the off though were a lot of snipers about, so uch so that after the first game (and subsequent turnaround of) I put the SRS back and opted to use the M4 for some more mobile and attacking play.
The rest of the day consisted in some capture the flag, base attack and rollback (in 2 directions) and the day was topped off with the comical boat game and last man standing.


100% thumbs up to gav and Steph here, they run a tight ship and dealt with any issues as they arose. The only point to note here was a younger player after the first game (whilst waiting for game 2 game on) had fully removed their face pro, and a younger marshall was stood literally 6ft away looking at them and did not pick them up and advise to put face pro back on. this to be fair though is not their fault and the accompanying more experienced players did not seem to jump on this either but it did take Gav from a fair way away to shout over to get them to do cover back up.


A tremendous day, we had it hard working against a bunch of seasoned and regular players and despite there being some reported over excitedness on the day I saw or experienced anything I felt agrieved with. Definitely one to come back to for reasons such as the owners, and the “none standard” field that we played on. It will certainly be high up the list when we decide where to play in the future.