This was our second trip over to Anzio. The first was nearly 2 years ago, we’d only got half the guys we have now and in fairness was a bit of a blur, a day that felt like it came and went far too quickly. There is always a buzz when we talk about going to Anzio and expectations are always set insanely high.
Where: First and Only Airsoft Camp Anzio Leek ST13 8TL
Date played: Feb 8th 2020
Weather: Dry Winter
Type: Ex-Mod base, building to building with woodland outskirts.
Cost: £35 with a £20 deposit paid up front via the website but this included lunch.

Arrival & Safe Zone

On arrival, you need to have a quick mind, you will likely miss the gate if it’s your first time visiting. You can either split to the right and drive into the large barn building which is where the main sign on desk is and park up under cover or you can split left and drive up to the small buildings that offer some team privacy. No tables are provided so it’s car boot, bring your own or bomb up off the floor.
The safe zone is a good distance away from the main playing area and you are bricked in on 4 sides offering high levels of protection.

Sign In

Sign in was very quick for saying how many players were on site. As we’d prebooked online it was more a register and then handing over the remaining owed money. Wrist band was given to confirm payment and you were back off on your way.
There is a brilliant safe zone shop at Anzio, it held pretty much anything and everything you’d need for a skirmish from RIFs to Gear, Gas, CO2, maintenance kits, BBs of all weights and pretty reasonably priced as well. The standard chocolate and drinks were available to buy as well to keep you going through the day.

Safety Brief & Chrono

Safety brief was at 9 in the game zone, eyepro on and a short walk out for a full briefing. Jamie the head marshal was humorously dry throughout which made it not feel so much like a lecture although it did at times feel like it was dragging on. A very thorough explanation of site, boundaries and rules were given with some attention paid to smaller problems which you can only face on a FIBUA site like this (for example if you’re sniping you have to stand AT the window and not deep in the roof to prevent destroying anyone passing said window).
Chrono was open from when we arrived although there was no tagging on the guns to show it had been done but there was proactive random chrono throughout the day.
Limits are set low here, 328 for AEG (variance up to 350), DMR 380 (variance up to 400) and BASR’s 480 (variance up to 500).

Site & Playing Areas

Anzio is an ex-MOD base site so it has a large number of buildings that are totally open to be played through and around. We had been hopeful of some really intense fights however a lot of it ended up entering this building, then that building, then that building. Not a great fit for a DMR/Sniper squad although we did come into our own firing out of buildings and getting the flank on one of the few missions where the objective was outdoors.


Games were admittedly mixed up by the owners when we went and rather than doing multiple small missions, the entire site was open to be used and the idea was to have a morning long mission and an afternoon long mission after some warm up games. The morning objective was delivering 3 bombs into 3 buildings whilst keeping them from the enemy.


Lunch was an hour long, consisted of a double hotdog, packet of crisps, chocolate bar and a can of pop or bottle of water. It was certainly edible and I cannot fault it at all.

Games contd…

The afternoon was kind of a reversal of the mornings missions however the buildings were changed and there was one mission where the opposition were split into two and squad A had to hold a compound whilst we attacked but then squad B were being sent to back up squad A so the intention was we would fight on 2 sides. This didn’t go well and we wiped squad A quickly stealing there objectives but the dynamic would have worked very well if it had played out a bit.

Marshalling & General Attitude of Players

General player attitude was brilliant, hit taking is something that is really drilled upon here and there weren’t really any incidents that were questionable. The only thing that sticks out is that 1 player had arrived late and missed safety brief and the site owners made a thing about saying that person was going to get kicked off for not having had a brief and this was an insurance risk to the other players. Said player was not found to my knowledge.
Marshalling did feel a little over bearing at times, very up on rules and very keen to advertise maximum punishment if they were not adhered to. Not a problem for us really as we all operate well within the guidelines but it did feel a little over bearing at times.


Anzio always has a buzz about it whenever we discuss it. It’s a great site with a lot of room to play on. Some brilliant outdoor areas to play through however these are stunted by the overuse of buildings for most of the objectives which ultimately gives a very CQB to CQB style of gameplay. The site has a lot to love about it but probably isn’t suited to long distance outdoor engagement although some of the play around the central car parks was great. Great players who keep to the rules and not a bad day out for the money. Definitely worth a visit but it’s not enough to make it a regular haunt for us.