This sniper was initially built in 2016. Formally retired from being the “go to” primary in December 2019 to backup duties after having performed flawlessly for years but still continues to be tweaked and developed as newer more refined parts become available. It rests at a comfortable 475fps and although in the G-Spec guise, it actually has a 430mm inner barrel for a great piston/barrel ratio using 0.43g BB’s. It has a fantactically easy bolt pull and is brilliantly accurate. It’s a pleasure to use and regularly comes off the bench for some fun.

Parts List

Tokyo Marui VSR10 G-Spec
Airsoft Pro 4.1 90deg Trigger
Airsoft Pro 90deg Piston
Airsoft Pro Spring Guide
Milan Rapax 2J+ Spring
Faceless Sniper Power Up Rings (2)
ASPUK Sniper1 Cylinder
ASPUK Sniper1 Cylinder Head
Laylax 430mm Inner Barrel
Maple Leaf Autobot 75 Bucking
Snipetor Orange Guide Rings
Stalker Pantera Hop Arm
Stalker Pantera Nub
Silverback Airsoft Barrel Spacers
Silverback Airsoft Barrel Spacer for G-Spec Suppressor
CV Life 3-9×40 Scope