This pistol started off as a snipers side arm. It was brilliant but was repaced with a 4.3 due to it being smaller and more compact. The 5.1 Gold Match is a great pistol out of the box but this one has undergone and is undergoing some modification to turn it into an even better primary that will be at home in both a CQB environment as well as a wooded short range assault weapon.

Parts List

Tokyo Marui Hi Capa 5.1 Gold Match
Airsoft Masterpiece Infinity Gold Slide
Elite Shooting Centre Stainless 6.02mm Inner Barrel
Elite Shooting Centre Aluminium Black Outer Barrel
Maple Leaf iKey
Maple Leaf Hi Capa Hop Chamber
Maple Leaf Hi Capa Hop Wheel
Maple Leaf Decepticon 70° Bucking
CowCow Lightweight BBU
Elite Shooting Centre Upgraded Nozzle
AIP 140% Nozzle Return Spring
CowCow Short Stroke Kit
Waldo Snappy Boi 130% Recoil Spring
Airsoft Masterpiece Gold Guide Rod
Airsoft Masterpiece Black Guide Rod Plug
CowCow fibre optic rod in Marui sight
Airsoft Surgeon STI Tactical Magwell
Primary Airsoft Hi-Capa to M4 Adapter or Tokyo Marui Chrome 4.3 Hi Capa Magazines