The SRS really changed the way snipers were built, up until it’s release most but all snipers for either VSR or VSR variants. The bullpup design of the A1 gets you a longer barrel in what feels like a shorter space and the build quality is on another level. This one has had hours poured into it finding the right combo that works best and is quiet whilst still reaching out like a sniper should do.

Parts List

Silverback SRS 20″ Sport in OD
Rapax 2J+ Spring
Silverback Operator Bolt Handle
Custom Dust Cover
Swiss Arms 3-9×50 Scope
Silverback GSPEC Outer Barrel
Silverback FAST Hop Unit
PDI 375mm 6.05mm Inner Barrel
Faceless FOW Nub
Faceless 60° R Hop Patch
SBA 70° bucking modified for chamber seal
Faceless Sniper Mousefart v1.3 piston head
Silverback Variable Mass Piston
Silverback .338 DTSS Suppressor
Silverback DTSS Barrel Spacer