This is one of the “old guard”, it was admittedly a first purchase in the airsofting world but has gotten better with age and a recent overhaul took this fairly basic offering up to a real heavy and fast hitting performer.

Parts List

ZCI 200mm Stainless Steel Inner Barrel
ZCI Plastic Rotary Hopup
Maple Leaf Macaron 70 degree bucking
GearParts Omega 70 degree nub
Gearbox radiused
SLD 1/2 Cylinder
SHS Aluminium Silent Piston Head
SHS Aluminium Silent Cylinder Head
ZCI Steel Bushings
Re-shimmed with ZCI shims
SHS M4 Double O-Ring Nozzle (21.4mm)
SHS High Torque Motor
Duloman 5.5″ Outer Barrel
Big Dragon 130x34mm suppressor
FMA Vertical Foregrip
Amoeba TG-007 Flat Trigger
Amoeba Bearing Spring Guide (Long)
Re-wired to Deans