This is one of the “old guard”, it was admittedly a first purchase in the airsofting world but has gotten better with age and a recent overhaul took this fairly basic offering up to a real heavy and fast hitting performer.

Parts List

ZCI 138mm Stainless Steel Inner Barrel
ZCI Plastic Rotary Hopup
SHS 60 degree bucking
Gearbox radiused
SLD 1/2 Cylinder
SHS Aluminium Silent Piston Head
SHS Aluminium Silent Cylinder Head
ZCI Steel Bushings
ZCI HD 16:1 Gearset
Re-shimmed with ZCI shims
SHS M4 Double O-Ring Nozzle (21.4mm)
SHS High Torque Motor
Duloman 5.5″ Outer Barrel
Big Dragon 130x34mm suppressor
Amoeba TG-007 Flat Trigger
Amoeba Bearing Spring Guide (Long)
Re-wired to Deans