I LOVE AIRSOFT. That’s absolutely no secret but aside from the expected enjoyment of the battle and thrill of trying to outwhit your opponent with some outstanding flanking manouvre, I love how it keeps giving and you are constantly learning the moment you open a RIF up, whether it’s a NBB pistol, AEG or bolt action sniper rifle.

Let me set the scene…

I’ve been sniping for coming on 5 years now, my introduction was a TM VSR GSPEC and it was a “one box” solution from the guys at ASPUK in the shape of a Sniper1 upgrade set that was brand new to the market. I installed it, tweaked it, swapped a few bits out and added a few more much needed parts. An honest opinion from one of the guys and it prompted a bigger upgrade and the sniper sat at that spec for a few years only being rebuilt due to the trigger sears wearing.

At this point I also bought a new sniper rifle, this time an SRS A1 which has been a whole new learning experience of which parts, how to assemble them and what parts will work with what parts best (otherwise known as the usual stuff in an airsoft snipers life). It was at this point I had “the” epiphany for my now backup VSR. The VSR was rebuilt when the sears went with a full ASP kit and installed with an M140 spring as the ASP M150 sat it at around 530fps. The M140 sat it at a comfortable 455fps and for a backup that would need to be 100% usable on every site, I was fine with that as the hop in the VSR is nothing shy of superb.

On upgrading my SRS I went down the road of converting to a GSPEC outfit, this meant the “then” spring (which was actually a Milan Rapax 2J+) just wasn’t outputting the power I needed due to the shortening in barrel length. A spare and relatively expensive spring to sit in the draw. This got me thinking of where I could use it as it seemed a waste. The ASP kit was chosen as it used a 13mm OD spring and this was matched with the PDI and the advantage of this is an easier bolt pull along with less drop in power over time. As it turned out the Rapax 2J+ was a perfect fit for the VSR with the ASP kit.

I rebuilt the VSR with the new 2J+ spring and putting it through chrono it came in at a very comfortable 475fps (that’s in a 430mm barrel) and a bolt pull which was just as easy if not slightly easier than the M140 it had replaced.A quick blast through with 0.43s also yielded a near on perfect 2.28J as well.

I am super excited about this and even though my SRS build is slowly turning into a real monster, I actually can’t wait to field the VSR again all because of a slightly better spring?!? Really not a thing I should be excited about. It may sound weird but it made a rifle that already felt great, feel even better, just better pull, less (read no) twang and it’s FPS and J outputs are perfect for all sites that I may visit.

As the SRS isn’t yet completed (it’s awaiting a Rapax 3J spring) the VSR may end up seeing a field this year yet as the primary option and I genuinely cannot wait! You can see the full specs of my “backup” (lol) VSR here.