Rounding the year off with some reflection and optimism.

Let’s get the obvious bit out of the way, it’s been a capital crapper of a year. Aside from the obvious ongoing struggles currently with economic and social struggles, as a person it’s amazing to think that you’ve lived through a worldwide pandemic, something that shut the entire world down for a period. Not quite as dramatic as the movies but when does life ever really live up to that expectation?

Recon101 in 2020 the rundown of places played.

This year was going to be a big one, January was a fairly casual trip out for a small group of us to NPF, myself fielding my shiny new Silverback SRS in it’s huge 20″ barrel with DTSS suppressor setup, a very difficult day adjusting to a new platform and if memory serves correctly a slow start for other members as well who didn’t quite get on well. A stark difference to our final game of the year we’d played not 4 weeks prior where we had an amazing time with plentiful kills and a very satisfied feeling.

Febuary kicked us off a little better with a large turnout from our guys at Camp Anzio, a final realisation occurred to us that Anzio in awful whether like what Febuary was giving us with strong wind and rain in the peaks was not a joyful occasion and Anzio turns from this large ex-MOD base wet dream into more of a CQB to CQB that hardly any of our guys are prepared for. Anzio is always good but I think in future I won’t try to play quite so long a game and get a bit more stuck in at the front end.

End of Febuary and start of March went a bit hectic, myself with an impending newborn was trying to session cram as much as I could, back to back weekends at Phoenix kept things moving, again oddly though a first visit yielded some amazing results and a great game day with the following being soured a little by poorer play and a feeling of not being able to get involved. A seriously lousy non hit taker put the full stop on this, a sniper shot to the nipple, watching the guy pull back rubbing it and then shoulder back up tipped the scales, little did I know at that point it would be my last confirmed hit for some 5 months.

Lockdown was brutal on all airsofters, the want to be out (or in) and the ways of trying to cure the itch which never really came about other than those who could shooting on their own private land.
I’m sure I’m not alone here but my wallet was a casulty of the lockdown, so many parts and so much time meant that most in my armoury become heavily upgraded.

August was a big release and a very welcome push back out into action. A quick trip down the M1 to The Department saw a couple of us playing a mid week pickup game indoors in one of easily the hottest and sweatiest environments I’ve ever played in. Oddly for a player who always identified as a sniper, a run around indoors was really invigorating and lit a fire I didn’t realise was there. The end of August saw a trip out to Skirmish Mansfield, another new site meeting up with a great bunch of guys from the opposing team then a return visit into September as well we enjoyed it that much dragging more along with us.

October and early November saw visits to new but local sites, Skirmish Leicester and Kirkby CQB respectively, I could write an essay on how awesome each was but I’ll spare you if you’re still reading and let you read the individual site reviews. November then set about lockdown V2. Another spanner in the proverbial works.

December is traditionally the month I like to pick a site I really enjoyed that year and try to have a “quiet” final game of the year, this year was no different with a couple of us making it back out to Leicester Lutterworth Skirmish. Huge appreciation to Matt of Skirmish (and Ammo Drop) again for hosting such well thought out days keeping all players in the action as much as possible.

Kit & Playstyles

This is an odd one, after ending last year ever more dedicated to sniping, the Mrs had even bought me the SRS and I went head first into it, the lockdown made way for some long research days on parts and compatiblity and bits started flying in from all over the world. Ongoing refinement of other weapons as well to cure boredom and where I had started out wanting to really play the long game, my perception unbeknown to me had begun to change.
I became very interested in Hi-Capa pistols, after having played indoors and expriencing how good they are I went down the upgrade path and have built (and continue to build) a higher end indoor HPA’d primary weapon which in turn led to some upgrades of the 4.3 which I’d absolutely told myself would stay standard, of course to make it more usable.

Now at the end of the year, I have completed my first skirmish day with an AEG which I converted to HPA with a P* Jack and equally put some really nice upgrades into. Both a mental and playstyle place I didn’t expect to be in, huge influences from a lot of YouTube videos online and cherry picking tactics and part reccommendations to ensure I got a great base gun and an incredibly easy conversion over to the dark side.

So what’s on the cards for 2021 Recon101 guys?

2021 is looking like it will start equally as crappy as 2020 has ended although we do have a hit list which we are hoping to knock off. A run to the Gaol is definitely on the cards and we’re already super excited for a trip down to Z-Mart in the Febuary which is already booked). With any luck Airfest will run and also we are going to attempt to get to Halo Mill Proving Grounds, ProjectX and Warzone aswell.

The Final Word

So there we are, a very summarised year and what we plan to do in the coming future. With any luck we’ll get on top of this plight on the land and we can get back on with what we love doing most. Airsoft out there in the woods as a small team doing sniper/DMR stuff but also now with a new found love of all things indoor.