Let me elaborate…

A good camo is designed to break up your shape, there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that the right camo can certainly do that. I have personally lost team mates in spring wearing Pencott Greenzone and late summer wearing ATACS even losing one member once who was within 10M and wearing British MTP so I won’t try and say that it doesn’t work.
Likewise the bulk of my play is in the woods and every player who thinks they are a ninja running around in black stands out better than wearing a hi-vis, so often just having a similar colour to your background will do wonders.

What are you waffling about then?

OK so this is a 2 pointer really, firstly we’ve all seen the “ghillie sniper destroys” style YouTube videos and whilst you can’t deny those players are invisible even at unbelievably close range, how many of us actually manage to get into that position on a Saturday or Sunday morning? Do we have enough time, space and distracted enemy to allow us to get into those sorts of positions? Do we want to take up so much valuable game time under the radar or would you rather be causing a nuisance of yourself to the enemy from flanked locations and allowing others to move up? A poorly made burlap or off the shelf bright green leaf suit will give you away nearly as much as not wearing one as the human eye will quickly distinguish that something looks wrong.

The second point is that sometimes there is such a thing as anti-camo. With the readily available plethora of surplus kit floating around, most skirmish sites are full of players who have invested in a camo kit and turned up with an MTP and think nothing of sitting in a bush…..sticking out like a sore thumb and then wondering why they got spotted and taken out. Why? Simply the camo didn’t work, the reasons for this mostly being that current MTP is designed really for the more recent deployments of our army, Iraq, Afghan where it is lighter and sandier so sitting in a green bush with those light and pale colours you stick out. Maybe stepping back in time to a soldier 95 colour palette would have fared up better. Which brings me onto another great point, we are creatures of habit, our mind is amazing and if 90% of the opposition are wearing MTP, over time your brain trains itself into identifying the MTP colour palette advancing at you. That 1 player wearing something different seems to totally disappear. Not because there camo is superior to anybody else, just that your mind has trained itself into searching and identifying something more specific and is disregarded other information.

Cool story bro…

OK so the TL;DR is yes it does but also by the same token, it doesn’t if you blindly jump in with a one pattern fits all. I could talk about this for hours but this is a very one way conversation and you either totally agree or disagree. Either way thank you for reading and if this.